P-22 Holiday Sweater

$ 50.00

This incredible (ugly) sweater will be a hit at your holiday party! Featuring The 101 Freeway, the future wildlife crossing at Liberty Canyon, and everyone's favorite Hollywood mountain lion P-22, give everyone the gift of joy when they you see wearing this incredible custom made design.

This sweater is a chance to share the beautiful story of P-22's amazing journey from the Santa Monica Mountain's to Griffith Park. As an added bonus, the manufacturer plants one tree for every item made.Support the cougars and plant some trees! 

This is a pre-order item and will ship out on Thursday, December 12th. 

Sweater is an acrylic blend

Size Guidelines

XS 34 - 35 inch chest

S 36 - 37 inch chest

M 38 - 39 inch chest

L 40 - 41 inch chest