About the #SaveLACougars Campaign


The National Wildlife Federation is working in collaboration with many stakeholders, including partner Santa Monica Mountains Fund, to protect Southern California’s mountain lions, and to advocate for the critical habitat linkages they require to ensure a healthy future for people, mountain lions and other wildlife in this highly urbanized landscape.

With P-22 - the celebrity mountain lion who lived in Griffith Park for 10 years - as the face of the campaign, the key priority is to advocate for the construction of a wildlife crossing over the Ventura Freeway at Liberty Canyon in Agoura Hills, linking protected habitat on each side of the freeway together, allowing mountain lions and other wildlife access to green space they need to survive.

The Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing at Liberty Canyon, when built, will be the largest such crossing in the world, and a model for urban wildlife conservation. The project enjoys widespread support and has been featured in media outlets across the globe.


“This is a vital crossing in one of the last undeveloped areas on the 101, and building a safe passage gives us a chance to ensure the future of the mountain lions in the Santa Monica Mountains and Los Angeles area.”

Dr. Seth Riley, National Park Service, urban wildlife expert 

“P-22’s journey across two of the busiest freeways in America and his ability to survive in the second most populated city in the country has inspired people across the world. His story also inspired me to help this urban population of mountain lions through my work with the National Wildlife Federation.”

Beth Pratt, National Wildlife Federation California Director


For press inquiries contact Beth Pratt at prattb@nwf.org or (209) 620-6271.