P-10 Portrait

$ 30.00

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P-10 was was tagged in February, 2010, in the western end of the Santa Monica Mountains near the north entrance to Point Mugu State Park. He was most well known for taking a nap in the front yard of a residence in Pacific Palisades, as recounted in the book, When Mountain Lions Are Neighbors.

"Bill recounted the once-ina- lifetime experience in the Palisadian-Post: “As I watched P-10
slowly walk away from us, occasionally looking back, it brought to mind images of the plains of Africa. Then he was gone, or so we thought. Suddenly, there he was, 50 feet away looking right at us. He stared at us for 10 seconds as if to say, ‘Thanks for getting me out of that jam,’ then turned away and went off into the night. It was a mystical experience that I will never forget.”


Matted 11" x 14 " photography quality print of original artwork

Part of the "Paint the P's Collection"

NWF's California Director challenged artist (and #SaveLACougars volunteer) Kathi Colman to paint all the P-s--the mountain lions that the National Park Service have tagged in their over a decade of study. As the NPS is now up to over 50, as Kathi notes, "to paint all the P's of our local mountains. I have kept my studio humming!"

We have followed the lives of these remarkable cats and know them from their photos, but Kathi captures their individuality with compassion and care. And as she is committed to getting the Liberty Canyon Crossing built, she is donating a portion of the proceeds from sales of the prints to the #SaveLACougars campaign.

Be sure to collect them all!

Interested in acquiring the originals? Proceeds also benefit the campaign. Contact the artist at rtist@pacbell.net